How We Work


Non-conventional with our working style and hence better time management at our disposal.


We are one of very few companies that work with a flat organizational structure.


Our team of technicians are stuffed with super-human abilities you see.

Right Balance

Managing the swing between work and life…now that is a with us to find out


We don't stick to a role...rather we take up Avatars to propel Tech BreakThrough forward

Clean Code

We plan for the future and beyond with future-proofing as the backbone of our development process

About us

We at Tech BreakThrough are a team of highly energetic and witty people from India, working towards creating unique and useful technological products to change the conventional ideas that already exist. We believe in solving real time problems using technology as it best serves as a platform to answer questions that do not have an answer.

Our Products

Tick tock tick tock...This is what we have in stock

Contact Us

  • Address: No 27, Sundaram Brothers Layout, Sungam, Coimbatore - 641045
  • Phone: 0422 439 3889
  • Email: